Welcome to the restaurant Weinfass!

At our house you will enjoy typically franconian food and Bamberg's famous beer and franconian wine.

Whether you visit our famous UNESCO approved World Heritage city with a group of friends or colleagues, with your partner or alone, from the Weinfass (English: wine cask) there are only a few meters to walk to all the famous sights of our historical town.

You will enjoy your meal looking over the idyllic banks of the Regnitz river onto the picturesque Geyerswörth Castle and the Old Townhall which is famously located in the middle of the river. In the background, you will find the Imperial Cathedral and the medieval Altenburg Castle.

There's no better way to enjoy your stay in Bamberg - take a look at the pictures on our website where you can make a reservation right now!

Cordially yours, Karlheinz Berr and his team.