Menu of Weinfass Bamberg
(Extract, alterations possible)

Franconian specialties

Bratwurstplate with potatoes dumpling
2 franconian bratwurst and 3 Nürnberger bratwurst, potatoes dumpling with "Sauerkraut"
Leberkäse and fried egg
fine Bamberger Leberkäs with fried egg and potato salad

Franconian Kitchen

pork shoulder with Sauerkraut and potatoes dumpling
roast pork, potatoes dumpling with savoy
Franconian potato dumpling
potato dumpling with mushrooms cream sauce
2 fine meatballs
meatballs with mushroom creme sauce, and fried potatoes

Crispy schnitzel

Schnitzel with mushroom
fresh Egerlinge with mushroom creme sauce and fried potatoes or potato salad
Bauern Schnitzel
with fried potatoes or potato salad

Small menu

Small Schnitzel
with fried potatoes or potato salad
Currywurst "house style"
in a curry tomato sauce and fried potatoes
3 Franconian bratwurst